How Do You Measure Loads of Laundry?

If you are looking for specialised services, like linen service in Melbourne or dry cleaning services. When it comes to laundry, from small loads to large loads or even bulk orders, understanding how it's measured is essential. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about measuring your laundry load.

The services that are available, including those in Melbourne and its CBD, all base their prices on the load's size. But what does this mean? Here at Reliable Laundry Services, we aim to demystify the concept of laundry load sizes and explain how they can impact your laundry routine and budget.

Small Loads

If you're an individual or a couple living in Melbourne, small loads are probably the most common type of laundry you'll be doing. In terms of weight, small loads usually weigh around 2-3 kilograms. This is roughly equivalent to six or seven outfits or a single set of bed linen.

If you're using a laundry service in Melbourne CBD or elsewhere, such as a mobile laundry service, these small loads will usually be your cheapest option. However, how much a laundry service costs can vary, and it's essential to check the pricing details of your chosen service.

Large Loads

On the other hand, families or individuals who have been delaying their laundry might find themselves facing large loads. A large load typically weighs around 8-9 kilograms. This equates to around 40 shirts or a combination of clothing, towels, and bed linen.

Large load pricing at a laundry service near Melbourne, or any laundry service, will be more than the small load. However, it often works out to be more cost-effective when you consider the cost per item of clothing.

Bulk Orders

If you're a business in Melbourne needing a linen service or a large family with a substantial laundry pile, bulk orders are your best bet. A bulk order refers to any order where the total weight of the laundry exceeds the capacity of standard washing machines (around 9 kg). The exact weight can vary, but bulk orders often range from 15-20 kilograms upwards.

In terms of cost, bulk orders at a laundromat laundry service or any Melbourne laundry service are usually the most cost-effective option on a per-item basis. These services are ideal for businesses needing a linen service in Melbourne or other large-scale laundry needs.

Now that we've broken down the sizes, here's a short Q&A that might answer some common queries you have:

Q: What does a load of laundry mean?

A: A load of laundry refers to the maximum amount of laundry that can be washed at once in a washing machine. It is generally measured by weight, but can also refer to the physical space the laundry takes up in the machine.

Q: How many liters is one load of laundry?

A: The number of liters per load can vary depending on the washing machine. Generally, a small load is about 20 liters, a medium load 45 liters, and a large load can be up to 60-70 liters.

Q: How much laundry should I use?

A: The amount of laundry you should use depends on your machine's capacity. As a rule of thumb, you should not fill the drum more than three-quarters full.

Q: How many clothes can be washed in an 8kg washing machine?

A: An 8 kg washing machine can typically wash around 40 t-shirts, or a mixture of items such as two pairs of adult jeans, one towel, two bed sheets, two pillowcases, and three small t-shirts.

Q: How many clothes can I put in a 9kg washing machine?

A: A 9 kg machine can wash around 45 t-shirts or a similar mixture of items to an 8 kg machine but with three pairs of adult jeans, three towels, three bed sheets, three pillowcases, and four small t-shirts.

Understanding your laundry load size helps you make the most of your laundry service, whether you're in Melbourne CBD, Berwick, or any other location. Remember, the right load size means efficient washing, longer-lasting clothes, and a happy wallet. Happy washing!

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