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If you own an AirBnB property or a boutique hotel with quality linen, but find that stubborn stains are diminishing the appeal and comfort of your rooms, you may be facing the choice of extensive stain treatment or replacing the linens altogether. While spot-cleaning might temporarily relieve the issue, it won't offer a comprehensive solution for multiple or ingrained stains. Similarly, replacing all your linens can be incredibly costly and may not align with your sustainability goals. This is when Reliable Laundry Services' specialised Stain Removal Service comes to your rescue, allowing you to retain your existing linen inventory while restoring it to a pristine, as-new condition.

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Commercial Linen Service vs In-House Stain Removal: Making the Right Choice for Your Business

Though attempting in-house stain removal on your commercial linens might seem like a way to cut costs, there are several factors you should consider before investing in retail-grade "linen stain removers." In-house efforts can often be as time-consuming and less effective than a specialised commercial linen service.

Moreover, in-house methods often lack the specialised solutions required for different stain types and fabrics.

As a rule, if your commercial linens frequently suffer from stains, investing in a professional commercial linen service like Reliable Laundry Services is the more effective and efficient option.

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The Type of Stain on Your Linens

Different stains require different treatments, which is why our commercial linen service goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions.

Traditional methods of in-house stain removal often fall short when dealing with specialised stains like wine, blood, or oil-based marks. Our experts identify the type of stain and then utilise industry-specific chemicals to treat it effectively.

If your linens are more prone to these complicated stains, using a commercial service like Reliable Laundry Services ensures that you're not merely masking the problem but resolving it.

Cost-Effectiveness and Quality Control

At the end of the day, the most critical deciding factor when choosing between in-house stain removal and a commercial linen service is cost-effectiveness and quality. Our service is priced per item, varying between $2 to $18, or at a kilo rate of $7.70, which includes pickup and delivery. Every cent invested in our service guarantees that you're enhancing the life and appearance of your commercial linens, adding value to your property or business. Whether you're running an AirBnB near a beachfront, where the risk of stubborn stains is high, or a boutique hotel in a city center, using Reliable Laundry Services offers more rewards than risks in maintaining your linens' quality and longevity.

Pick Up and Delivery: Simplified and Streamlined

When you're running a commercial establishment, the last thing you want to worry about is the logistics of your laundry service. Whether you have a boutique hotel or an AirBnB property, your focus should be on guest satisfaction and overall management, not on when or how your linens are going to be cleaned. Opting for in-house laundry may seem tempting, but it can prove to be a logistical nightmare. On the other hand, our service offers a straightforward and dependable solution. With Reliable Laundry Services, pick up and delivery are included in the price, allowing you to budget effectively and avoid hidden costs.

Your Schedule, Your Convenience

While DIY laundry may offer some flexibility, it requires a significant time investment, and let's face it, time is money. Operating between Monday and Friday during standard business hours (9 AM to 5 PM), we offer the reliability that can only come from a specialised service. Furthermore, you don’t even need to be on-site for pickups and deliveries. Simply let us know where to find your laundry, and consider it done. Our service seamlessly integrates into your schedule, so it's like having an in-house laundry service without any of the hassle or overhead.

Cost-Effectiveness with Quality

Entrusting us with your linen service is not merely about outsourcing but about building a partnership that adds value to your business. And remember, we charge per item or by kilo, always including pickup and delivery in the cost. That's not just cost-effective; it's a streamlined solution that aligns with the quality and reputation of your establishment.

Your First Time and Ongoing Relationship

If it's your first time using our service, you can use a garbage bin liner to store your linens. After the first pickup, things become even more streamlined. For our regular clients, we offer specially designed laundry bags that you can hold onto for future service. These bags not only standardise the process but also add an extra layer of professionalism and care to each interaction with us.

Why Businesses Prefer Us?

Freshness and cleanliness are non-negotiable in the hospitality sector. We guarantee fresh, ironed sheets, sorted and packed to your specifications.From washing to ironing, our services cover all aspects required for a successful commercial linen operation.Our three-day turnaround policy ensures you're never out of fresh linens.We understand every business is different, and so are your needs. That's why Max is here to offer flexible solutions tailored to you.Ready to revolutionize your commercial linen needs? Make an inquiry now. We look forward to becoming your most trusted commercial linen laundry service.Don't hesitate—send us an email with your specific requirements today at

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Experience unparalleled commercial laundry services with Reliable Laundry Services in Melbourne. Catering to a myriad of sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, Airbnb, and health and fitness, we take pride in delivering cleanliness and freshness right to your doorstep.

Our cutting-edge facilities and dedicated team ensure that your laundry needs are met with precision and care, maintaining the fabric quality and integrity with every wash.


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I work as an administrator in a busy healthcare facility, and the challenges of keeping our linens and uniforms consistently clean and readily available can be a monumental task. We switched to Reliable Laundry Service about six months ago, and the difference has been night and day

Their Commercial Healthcare Laundry Services are nothing short of excellent. The linens are always pristine, sanitised, and folded to perfection. But what sets them apart is their hassle free pick-up and delivery service.


I manage a boutique hotel in Melbourne, and we've been using Reliable Laundry Service for our linens and uniforms. Their Commercial Hospitality Laundry Services are truly reliable. Our linens are always crisp, clean, and delivered on time. The same-day emergency service has been a lifesaver more than once. Can't recommend them enough!


As an owner of several short-stay accommodations, laundry can be a logistical nightmare. Reliable Laundry Service has made it easy and affordable with their Commercial Short-Stay Accommodation Laundry Services. Pick-up and delivery are always on time, and the quality is excellent. Our guests have even commented on how fresh and clean our linens are!


I run a spa in Melbourne, and we've been thrilled with the quality of service from Reliable Laundry Service. Their Commercial Spas & Salons Laundry Services are impeccable. Towels and linens smell fresh, and they are always perfectly folded. Customer service is friendly and responsive, and their stain removal services are highly effective. It's a complete package.


Reliable Laundry Services: Your Linen Care Experts in Melbourne

When you opt for Reliable Laundry Services as your commercial laundry provider, you're engaging a fully-equipped, Brisbane-based team with the expertise to manage all your linen needs—efficiently, affordably, and reliably. Request a quote from us today to experience:

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