What Setting Do You Wash and Dry Clothes On?

Doing laundry involves making decisions about the right settings for washing and drying clothes. Whether you're handling your own laundry or seeking the professional assistance of a laundry service in Melbourne, understanding these settings is crucial. They can range from 'delicates' to 'heavy-duty', 'eco', 'quick wash', 'high heat', and 'low heat', to name a few. This article will guide you through what these settings mean, when to use them, and how they might affect the lifespan of your clothes.

Understanding Washing Machine Settings

Let's dive into the specifics of different washing machine settings, essential information whether you're taking advantage of a laundromat or using a dry cleaning service in Melbourne.


This setting is designed for fragile fabrics like silk, lace, and items with embellishments. It involves a slower and shorter cycle that is gentler on clothes to prevent them from damage.


The heavy-duty setting is for robust and heavily soiled items. It involves an intense and prolonged wash cycle that effectively removes stubborn stains and dirt.


The eco setting is designed to conserve water and energy. It's ideal for lightly soiled items and doesn't compromise the cleanliness of your clothes.

Quick Wash

The quick wash setting is perfect when you're short on time. It's a shorter but efficient wash cycle that works best for smaller loads of lightly soiled clothes.

Understanding Dryer Settings

Post washing, it's time to dry your clothes, and understanding the correct settings for this is equally important. Here are some common dryer settings you might come across:

High Heat

This setting is ideal for thick fabrics like towels and heavy cotton items. However, using it too frequently or for unsuitable fabrics can cause clothes to shrink or lose their shape.

Low Heat

Low heat is perfect for synthetic fabrics and delicate items that could shrink or get damaged by high temperatures. It takes longer to dry, but it's gentler on your clothes.


The delicate setting uses low heat and slower tumbling action to protect fragile items from damage.

In choosing the right settings, it's essential to read the care labels on your clothing items. And if you're outsourcing your laundry to a laundry service in Melbourne CBD or an NDIS laundry service in Melbourne, ensure they adhere to these guidelines.

Now, let's answer some frequently asked questions about washing and drying settings:

Q: Does washing at 30 or 40 make a difference?

A: Yes, washing at 30 degrees uses less energy and is gentler on clothes, but it may not remove heavy stains as effectively as washing at 40 degrees.

Q: What drying setting should I use?

A: The drying setting depends on the fabric of your clothing. Use high heat for heavy items, low heat for synthetics and delicates, and air-dry for very delicate items.

Q: What are the drying options on a washing machine?

A: Washing machines with built-in dryers often have settings like 'Cottons' for cotton items, 'Easy Care' for synthetic materials, and 'Delicates' for delicate fabrics.

Q: What are the drying categories?

A: The main drying categories on a machine include high heat (for cotton and other heavy fabrics), low heat (for synthetics and delicate items), and air-dry (for very delicate or heat-sensitive items).

Q: What are the washing drying symbols?

A: Washing drying symbols guide how to dry clothes. A square symbol represents drying, a circle within the square means machine drying, and a line within the square indicates drying flat.

Q: Should I dry my clothes on high or low?

A: It depends on the fabric. Heavy fabrics can be dried on high, while delicate and synthetic fabrics should be dried on low to prevent damage.

Q: Should I tumble dry low or delicate?

A: Delicate items should be tumble dried on the low or delicate setting to protect them from heat damage.

Q: Should I dry on high or medium?

A: Cotton and heavy fabrics can be dried on high, while medium heat is suitable for most other types of clothing.

Q: Should I dry everything on delicate?

A: Not necessarily. While the delicate setting is gentle on clothes, it may not effectively dry heavy fabrics.

Q: Should I dry all my clothes on delicate?

A: No, drying all clothes on delicate isn't efficient. Use the delicate setting for delicate fabrics, low heat for synthetics, and high heat for heavier items.

Q: Should you dry clothes on low heat?

A: Yes, drying clothes on low heat is recommended for synthetic and delicate fabrics to prevent shrinking or damage.

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